Femaringa™ Cleansing Tonic

  • The hormonal changes during menopause affect your skin. It becomes thinner and less elastic as the decrease in female estrogen production has a dehydrating effect on the skin. Estrogen makes the skin soft, which can be seen in the softer skin of women compared to men. The lack of vital substances and increasing skin dehydration lead to unpleasant side effects such as itching, skin flaking and wrinkling. That is why extensive skin care during menopause is of great importance. CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN EU/UK/NORWAY
  • Cleansing tonic that gently removes impurities, has an antibacterial effect and reduces inflammatory skin reactions.

    Aloe Vera: It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and promotes the skin cell metabolism during menopause. The skin is moisturized by Aloe Vera, which enables the skin to regenerate significantly faster. The skin appears more vital.

    Chamomile: Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, reduces dermatitis and eczema, and stimulates skin metabolism. Chamomile also helps with impure, oily skin and acne.

    Urea: Normalizes the skin flora and acid mantle and helps regulating the skin’s moisture balance.

    Marigold: Extracts that contain essential oils and resins with healing properties for skin problems such as eczema, cracked skin or sunburn.

    D-panthenol: Important component of B-vitamin (provitamin B5) and plays an important role in the regenerative skin metabolism. It binds moisture, imroves the skin barrier function and skin elasticity. Especially effective for damaged and itchy skin.

    The Femaringa™ Cleansing Tonic (150ml) was developed for menopausal skin. Thanks to the unique combination of five active ingredients, your skin is cleansed and soothed.
  • Apply some Cleansing Tonic to the palms of your hands and then lightly pat it onto the skin. It can also be applied to the face, neck and décolleté with a damp cotton pad. Please avoid the eye area. The toner remains on the skin and should not be rinsed off.

    Content: 150 ml